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A new patch has been rolled out by DICE who hope to fix many of the bugs that were present on the release of Battlefield 4 on all platforms. The update clocked in at just over 1GB and has an extensive list of patch notes which begin with a quick statement from DICE who say, “In the November 14 PC game update, we fixed a number of issues that we have been seeing in the game. The main focus in this update is on crash fixes, and you can find a detailed list of the fixes below. We will continue our efforts to eliminate issues we find in the game, so stay tuned for more updates. Let us know how this update works for you.”

This patch claims to fix most of the prevalent crashes including the level loading crash and many crashes that could occur when playing that were caused by things like bullet-hole textures being removed by the game, or even just exiting a vehicle. It also addresses some of the network issues that caused bullet damage not to register or that could have you being shot around a corner.

This is good news for BF4 players who have been working themselves into a frothy frenzy about the state of the game at launch and questioning EA’s quality control and testing before games are released. Looking at the patch notes it’s quite obvious that EA decided it made more sense financially to release on time and to patch fix the game afterwards. It’s hard not to notice a bug that causes crashes every time certain buildings collapse and every other time you try to load into a game. While this method may make financial sense in the short term, surely alienating your player base is foolish in the long-term.

BF4 Crash

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