Disney Interactive have released five brand new complimentary Toy Boxes for their interactive video game Disney Infinity, two of which are inspired by the Toy Story films, one is based on a Disneyland attraction and the final two are challenging puzzle levels! Ooooh!

In appreciation for all of the support from the community Disney have released five new Disney created Toy Boxes completely free of charge which feature a variety of race tracks and platform puzzle maps. Here’s a list of what’s coming:

  • Toy Story Claw – Find the 10 lost aliens and return them to their ship! Drop them into a ESPN hoop for extra credit.
  • Big Thunder – Race through a mine inspired by the classic Disneyland attraction Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.
  • Sky Gauntlet II – Play the sequel to the original Sky Gauntlet Toy Box … with an even more challenging course!
  • Toy Story Racer – Ready, set, to Infinity and beyond! Race the AI in this Toy Story in Space-themed racetrack.
  • The Sky Trials – Test your courage and wisdom to finish puzzles and get rewarded.

If you’re looking to see these new Toy Boxes in action take a look at the video above! All five of these Toy Boxes are available to download right now by heading to the the Disney Infinity Main Menu and selecting “Toy Box Share” and “Disney’s Toy Boxes.” From here all you can download all of the available Toy Boxes.

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