For those who use Facebook’s standalone messenger app for Android will notice that it underwent an interesting colour scheme and layout change. Whether you love it or hate it it looks like the actual Facebook app itself will be getting the same flat white and blue makeover.

According to screenshots of the latest test build ( the app is going to undergo a complete overhaul with a brand new colour scheme matching that of the standalone Messenger app. The UI seems to have had a bit of a tweak too with a new title banner being added to the left of the app, a new search icon has also been added to the title banner, and the Status, Photo, and Check In buttons have now switched to the bottom of the page.

Currently it seems the app is only really available to those working on the app, but Android Police do have the APK which you can download and install yourself. There was word that if you’re a part of the Android Beta you should be able to just install the APK, but it may be worth uninstalling the app before installing the 4.0 version.

Some users are reporting no change, I myself viewed a fairly outdated version of the app when I installed the APK so it may be that the new UI is only visible by those allowed to see it. There’s no harm in trying though!


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