Warner Bros. have finally launched Lego Marvel Super Heroes on almost every platform, they’ve also announced the full vehicle list for the LEGO Marvel game, so with that in mind I thought “Hey I bet I can find some vehicles they totally missed out on!”, Vvehicles that are somehow big in comics lore, but somehow obscure to mainstream eye. So let’s begin!

Spider-Mobile – You have to go way back to know about this gem. So before you start going on about what Marvel were thinking so have to know this idea was tongue in cheek. A company decides to create a car based on Spider-man’s powers. The car in question can drive up walls and had limited web slinging abilities. In this scenario Peter can’t drive so he gets his good old buddy the Human Torch to teach him how to drive which, of course, that doesn’t work.

On occasion the car pops up in the pointlessly vast Spider-man toy lines.

Pogo Plane – One of the Fantastic Fours machines. I know we have the bath tub style Fantasticar but I think the four need something that puts a little spring in their step. A fleet of bigger spacier vehicles which could handle any type of landing. Maybe this could have saved the Fantastic Four films.

Quinjet – One little piece people don’t know about the Avengers, Stark built jets is that the always get destroyed, you could almost call them The Kenny of superhero vehicles. It’s not all bad though,  they get the job done and they usually have the Stark style flair in terms of design.

Ant-Man’s ants – Ant-man’s power source can be considered a mystery. I mean we know they come from Pym Particles, something he came up with by himself, but how their actually delivered is a mystery. Anyways, when he is shrunk he gets around using Ants. I think it’d add an interesting dynamic if characters had more access to shrunk down LEGO universe – ss long as there are no Spiders.

Ultimate Ironman (the mecha) – It’s me, so you shouldn’t be surprised this is coming up. A giant Ironman robot similar to Voltron or Gundam would be super quick and practical for any kind of battle. Plus it could split into four pieces, making it extra useful for an extra co-op function perhaps?

So they’re my suggestions. Have any ideas of your own? Comment below!

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