A news item this week revealed that Call of Duty: Ghosts will play in full 1080p only on PS4 and PC, whereas the Xbox One version has been left in a ditch with a bullet in it’s leg, running at only 780p. I guess that’s the price you pay for exclusive DLC deals these days…

Answering the call of quality, however, is Turn 10 and their new, fully HD, 1080p, 60fps trailer. First over the starting line and shooting off into the distance with the likes of Call of Duty in it’s slipstream, this short yet sexy footage of some motorsport action shows off some of the lovely graphics you can expect from the new Forza outing this November.

Boasting that this is ‘Only possible on Xbox One’, due to the physics engine and the power of the still unproven cloud, Forza’s ingame ‘drivatars’ will be able to pick up on your driving skills and learn as you play. I really hope it doesn’t turn out like Rise of the Robots… If any of you remember that disaster, then you’ll know that the Skynet-like AI was virtually unbeatable after two rounds with the computer. I guess we’ll find out when Microsoft’s next generation console is released.

So go ahead racing fans, click on the play button above to see how shiny Forza Motorsport 5 will look on launch day.

Forza 5 will be available for purchase on the 22nd of November, worldwide.




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