PlayStation Japan has released the above TV Spot for the new PlayStation Vita TV a micro console which allows players to play PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Portable games through their TV using the DualShock 3 controller.

The video above demonstrates some of the features available to gamers such as serving as a remote play hub for the PlayStation 4, the ability to play PS Vita Games on your TV, access the PlayStation Network store, watch online TV services such as Hulu, NicoNico, and Tsutaya TV, as well as access a whole host of other media.

The video, of course, is in Japanese but the poor acting should be enough to give you some idea on what the PlayStation Vita TV does, and for some reason I can’t help but get excited about this every time the girl in the video talks! The Japanese language is so chirpy!

The PlayStation Vita TV first made an appearance in September at SCE Japan’s Press Conference along side the PS Vita 2000, the console is set to release in Japan on November 14, but sadly there’s no news of a western release.

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