With the Halloween Steam sale celebrating the ever-popular spooky holiday coming to an end we saw plethora of developers dishing out treats in the form of bountiful content packs, it’s no surprise that Hello Games has joined the festivities with the release of the Undead Movie Pack for one of their more established indie productions, Joe Danger 2: The Movie. 

Much like the walking bed sheet in the corner of the room at any Halloween get-together, it seems I turned up a little late to the party with the unfortunate end to the holiday sale only yesterday. However, the pack remains available now on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC and feeds us a devilishly delicious 15 new scenes tied together with six new themed characters – one of which I’m more than happy to pretend is a nod in the direction to Marvel’s Ghost Rider.

If this isn’t reason enough to add a little colourful arcade-platform addiction to your spooky gaming lineup this weekend, then perhaps the tempting discount bundle also featuring its predecessor, Joe Danger, will be enough to get you into the hair-raising spirit for only £16.99.

Will you be adding a little more variety to your library this weekend? We know we sure are.

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