The most recent video from Guerrilla Games’ Sony exclusive takes you through a training session as a Shadow Marshal. It outlines your abilities, equipment and the myriad of options of the OWL, your remote controlled companion.

With so many ways to complete missions in the single player campaign, you’ll need a tool that can handle just about any dangerous situation. The OWL takes it’s place as the most diverse piece of gear seen in gaming so far. It can be used as an energy shield, taking blasts for you while you smirk comfortably from behind a blue curtain of safety. It can be directed to a defence point to protect an area you wish to remain foe free. If you need to slip past an alarm or take control of an enemy machine, you can slip a Guy Fawkes mask on it and employ it as a hacking tool… Okay the mask was a lie, but you get the picture.

There’s a vast amount of thought gone into the OWL from the developers and watching the video will show you just how versatile this little gadget actually is. Using the touchpad, you can choose one of it’s four primary functions and with the press of a button, it will perform the task you set it, as long as you have enough battery power.

Tactical Echo is utilised with a press of the right d-pad. Think Bat-vision in the Arkham games, where you can see through walls to place the enemy before choosing which strategy you use to either pop them full of hot metal or mince past them on tiptoe, avoiding them completely. If you take too much time to scan your surroundings though, the enemy will be alerted and you’ll have to abandon all hope of choice and hunker down for a savage shootout. This makes the ability a bit fairer than other games, as you don’t get to set up camp for half an hour while you intricately map out every route of every enemy.

Finally, the infovid brings out the big guns, literally, and explains the firing modes of weaponry and with the thumb of the d-pad, you’ll have access to some creative secondary fire modes to rain down death on the hapless Helghast in your sights.

With the release date closing in, you’ll be able to test all this for yourselves in Killzone: Shadow Fall on the 15th (US) and 29th (UK) of November for PS4 only.



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