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I’ll LEGO of any brick related jokes for this piece. Let’s set the scene, a day came like no other and the not-so-stable LEGO models started to fall apart. No one had got any of the Marvel or DC LEGO sets, so we were short on superheroes, but any can be a hero, just look at real life. So to save the day I present to you the LEGO Avengers.

A fire-fighter – The ultimate hero in any situation. A born hero who puts himself in the face of danger on a constant basis. Equipped with the standard kitted up fire engine including an axe, breathing apparatus and fire extinguisher, he’s ready to face any emergency.

A police man – When it comes to fighting crime whose any better? Any officer of the law of course. Equipped with a high pursuit vehicle like a car or a bike him and his gun are ready to distil the law when needed.

Race car driver – Every team needs a speedster. The Avengers had Quicksilver. The Justice League had the Flash. The LEGO Avengers have a race car driver. In his aero dynamic car he can arrive at any emergency just in time. Plus a racer should be equipped at handling a number of different vehicles around him.

Astronaut – It’s clear the Marvel movie-verse at least for now has a focus on space. Maybe it has something to do with Disney producing another Star Wars film perhaps? The Astronaut with his space ship could easily give Thanos a run for his money. Plus he probably has a jetpack, making him the obligatory flyer of the team.

LEGO Hermonine – Every team needs some diversity and a smart girl at hand. Let’s all give Warner Brothers a hand for creating the ultimate hybrid.

Cam Attaway from LEGO Alpha team – Alpha was one my favourite LEGO sets. Cam wins a Black Widow look alike contest hands down. She’s a secret agent, diving expert and a mechanic. So let’s check off the Aquaman, Black Widow, and smart girl with machines check box.

Kopaka from Bionicle – For starters he’d be the tallest of the team so we can tick off the Giant-man and Hulk requirements for the team. Kopaka is calculating and is an ice themed character. I think element themed characters add something to a team. Plus his mask has high tech zooming function which would come in really useful.

Have I missed anyone? Who would you have in your team of LEGO Avengers, remember no Marvel or DC characters. Leave a comment below!

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