The success of Tt Games and Warner Bros. LEGO series has been a godsend to local co-operative players. By mixing everyone’s favourite educational building blocks and some of the most popular movie, comic-book and television characters in the world into a formula so well thought out, that you can’t help delighting at the genius of it all.

This year’s adventures employ the world of Marvel Comics. A brand that has delivered multiple hits in the past couple of decades on silver screen and wowed children and adults alike. This is where the brew of LEGO and super heroes works fantastically. LEGO games are best played with someone else, you see, giving you the opportunity to team up with your kids in local co-op or as I do, play them with my partner as a joint Christmas gift. The games banish the need to send your kids away to play by themselves and the simplicity allows for even the most green of gamers to jump in and enjoy. Not that I’m saying your wife is the She-Hulk…

In LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, you jump, web-swing, smash and adamantium claw your way though a storyline worthy of Stan Lee’s master creation. Over 100 of your favourite, Lycra-clad characters are available to play, with even some of the niche ones present, everyone should be satisfied. Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man and Hulk will please fans of the mainstream crowd while The Punisher, Moon Knight and even Howard the Duck are present for those that like the less publicised faces of Marvel. In a comedic nod to the movies, even Mr Lee is present to provide some chuckles and to add to his goal of beating Alfred Hitchcock for cameo appearances.

Everyone has their typical abilities. Spidey slings webs, Hulk smashes, Wolverine calls everyone bub and Frank Castle probably shoots mafioso in the face with a 50 cal… Or maybe not, seeing as it’s aimed mainly at kids. Whoever you choose, their skills are all in place. This leads to puzzle solving through use of the correct characters and as always, finding a treasure trove of secrets to unlock in Free-Play mode, stud collecting and fights over who gets to build the bridge to cover the gap in the road will ensue.

The familiar sight of New York has been built brick-by-brick in LEGO form with the additions of Stark Tower, the X-Mansion and most of the scenes you would expect from a Marvel outing. Over the past years from LEGO Star Wars, where everything was created in virtual plastic, the backgrounds of LMSH are borrowed from the real world, taking the slightly more realistic styling of last year’s LEGO Lord of the Rings. It looks stunning in next-generation HD.

Already out for PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 (US), Wii U, 3DS, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes will have to wait until the 29th of November to see a UK Xbox One release.

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John Sinclair
John Sinclair

Really looking forward to this one. Gotta wait till Christmas though.