Do you find yourself warbling to the radio a lot? Spend a ridiculous amount of time scanning the big red folder at a night out, trying to find favourite songs to belt out in your local? Or maybe you just practice badly in the mirror with a trusty brush in hand…

Finally, PC gamers get to take part in a gaming phenomenon that’s been available on consoles since USB microphones were invented. Let’s Sing gives you an excuse to invite a troupe of drunk friends round and annoy the neighbours by signing loudly and probably badly to a number of hits (and misses) on your good old home computer.

Being a heavy Rock Band and Guitar Hero player, I tended to stray towards singing rather than plastic guitar widdling, downloading so many tracks it’s probably taken up at least 70% of my hard drive just to store them. Excitedly, I had a look at the track list and my smile fell into a frown when I realise that Let’s Sing is centred more on teenage girls, drunk women and a category of people I label as X Factor zombies.

That’s not to say it’s a bad list of songs, oh no… To many, it will be a great night in. If you’re a fan of cow tongued, insipid, naked demolitionist Miley Cyrus, the creative yet totally ridiculous Lady Gaga or heavily into girl bands and their manufactured menagerie of auto-tuned arias, you will probably love this. There’s a few tracks in there from real musicians, such as The Rolling Stones, Queen and Weezer but they are very few and far between and have been seen before in other games of a musical persuasion.

Hook up two microphones to duet, watch the official music videos as you croon along to the 40 tracks on offer and the most amazing part of it all, the coup de grace…

Anyone, whatever their warbling talent level, can sing thanks to the integrated high-precision voice recognition feature.

That’s fantastic news for people who have confidence issues with getting up for a bit of a singsong. It’s also the reason why Cheryl Cole and Paul McCartney sound good on CD but sound like a herd of drowning cattle on stage.

Whatever my opinion, Voxler’s new karaoke game will get the party started and you can own Let’s Sing on December the 12th on PC.

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