The LG G Flex has another fascinating new property aside from the flexible curved display, the handset also boasts what LG call a ‘self-healing’ back cover which is designed to keep the phone looking newer for longer. If you’re not exactly sure what self-healing actually means, LG demonstrate it in their latest video.

In LG’s latest video the company takes a wire brush to the back of a phone with a ‘conventional’ cover as well as the LG G Flex, after several rough scratches are made the brush lifts off and we watch a timelapse of the cover seemingly heal itself whereas the ‘conventional’ back cover sits there crying in pain. The video also demonstrates the brush rubbing at several different weights showing that even heavy-ish scratches benefit from the ‘self-healing’ technology.

Then LG go and do the thing I hate the most, the Durability test. The video shows that the curved glass can withstand being made straight again with heavy weights being placed on the back, starting with 8kg all the way up to 32kg the LG G Flex withstands them all.

It seems that LG have a habit of creating videos that make me cringe. No one should do this to a phone, seriously! If you’re interested in seeing the LG G Flex go through it’s paces check out the video above.

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