The Xbox One is now available worldwide and has sold well over a million consoles but it only comes in one colour. That is unless you’re one of the lucky Microsoft employees who worked on the Xbox One, then you’ll be getting your very own “I Made This” white consoles.

If you were looking to get a hold of a white console or even a white controller and you missed out on the two charity auctions, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a handful of the consoles available on eBay, but you’ll need a lot of cash.

You can currently check the eBay listings here where some consoles are topping the $4,000 mark and even controllers alone are near on $300 with time to go. If you’re looking to “Buy it Now” one listing is offering the full bundle for $3,999.

The question is, why? Sure, the white console is beautiful but, nearly $5,000 for a console that you can purchase for just under $500? Bragging rights? Keeping it in a locked display case?

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