Mario Party has always been a house favourite. Competing against friends and family alike, trying to put them all to shame as you take part in hilarious minigame madness for points and glory… Until someone throws a tantrum.

With Mario Party Island Tour, the premise is pretty much the same. Choose your character, roll the dice and travel around the map in a race to reach the end while partaking in some multiplayer games that will likely have you laughing or raging by the time you approach the finish line.

The trailer shows some of the action and new boards, from island settings to outer space, there’s some variation in the seven new locations. Along with 81 confirmed mini-games, this handheld fiesta is packing a shedload of content for your money. There’s also some nice control features that have you using motion control via the 3DS’ gyroscope and AR card functionality for shooting games. The microphone will also come into play for a session of Mario impressions where you’ll have to imitate the shown characters voice… Very clever indeed.

Mario Party Island Tour can be played alone or with LAN multiplayer and a few mates round for juice or more than likely… Beer! Not exactly the best way to play if you have a Wii in the living room and a copy of Mario Party 9 but still as much fun.

With a release date of the 22nd of November, you don’t have too much longer to wait to get your hands on Mario’s new, dice-rolling antics on 3DS and 2DS.


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