Marvel Heroes, the online action RPG, had a huge new patch recently and to celebrate, Gazillion Games have given us a taste of nectar with a new trailer.

You can now continue your adventures by heading off to Norway… Yes, I said Norway. This will pave the way to the Golden Realm, Asgard for you explore it’s wonders while webbing, blasting and smashing your way through a host of new mythological minions. There’s a whole new zone to adventure in and that’s not all… More of Asgard will be unlocked over a four month period for solo, group, pvp and raid play.

Added to the huge list of heroes is none other than the silver tongued mischief maker, Loki. The first playable villain in Heroes. You can control his mystical powers to plow through a plethora of enemies and make them kneel before your golden staff in terror.

There’s new story content, costumes, items, recipes and the starting roster of free heroes being upped to nine, there’s a lot to be stamping your big, green feet at. That’s not including bug fixes and optimisation of existing characters. You can see the full list of additions and changes HERE on the official site forum.

Marvel Heroes is free-to-play and available for download on Steam, now.

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