Last week saw the release of the Asgard content update, a truly massive offering for fans of the Marvel universe led MMO. This week, we see the addition of a 5v5 multiplayer PvP mode that will have your heroes arguing nearly as much as in the plot of Civil War.

Fire & Ice contains a MOBA style mode that has you guarding and attacking giants. Probably not a great idea unless your name is Jack, but fun all the same. Your teams of mutated champions wage war against each other while escorting these titans to the enemy base, trying to obliterate the competition before they do you.

For killing players and big fellas, you gain runestones that allow you to power up, giving you an advantage in battle. Familiar? Indeed. Once you’ve completed a match, you’ll be rewarded with special currency that gives you the opportunity to buy some tasty new PvP gear.

Not only that, but card-chucking, staff-swinging, trench-coat wearing New Orleanian (or something), Gambit, joins the huge list of unlockable heroes at some point this month. More details when they arrive.

For now, point your eyes to the sky (or at least above) and revel in the glory of the mighty Loki in an all new trailer.

Marvel Heroes is free-to-play and downloadable on Steam for PC this very minute.


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