Snake! Snaaaaaake! No it’s not about the revival of The Badger Song. It’s more news on everyone’s favourite eyepatched badass…

Details have emerged for the highly secretive Hideo Kojima regarding the upcoming Metal Gear V series. Yes, I said series. It turns out that Ground Zeroes is a prelude to the events of The Phantom Pain, giving us countless hours of stunning/confusing gameplay while we wait for the story to continue.

One year after the events of Peace Walker, two hostages have been taken to camp Omega, where it’s certain that if they blab under pressure, Snake’s secret military organisation will be out in the open. Snake and his partner Kaz Miller venture out to the camp to prevent the exposure of their secret. The rescue mission will lead all the way up to the happenings of MGSV: The Phantom Pain.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on Metal Gear V news, you’ll know that you’ll be controlling the gravelly voiced Big Boss or Snake or John or whatever you like to call him, in an introduction to a new open world. Some of Snake’s previous missions have been quite open in a linear sort of way but Kojima has gone GTA on the new outings, giving you more freedom to choose your path. This brings the new consequences, no longer will a bad decision send you back to repeat the failure, it will have an impact on the story.

As will the dynamic weather and night/day system. Like other games of it’s ilk, MGSV: Ground Zeroes will have dark nights to go sneaking in, rather than plodding along in a cardboard box. Rain will mask sound, giving you more of an opportunity to slit some throats without detection and during the day… Well, I guess there’s got to be something to do by the light of the morning sun.


Using the new FOX Engine, the world and characters have been brought to you in a gorgeous, next-gen glow. If you’ve watched the teaser video from E3, you can appreciate the work gone into it. The engine also allows this new environment to adapt and live, giving you a play area that will be smarter, tougher and test your sneaking skills to the limit. This also brings the herald of a more RPG style of Metal Gear. In games like the Witcher, you are able to choose which missions to invest your time in. There are aerial assaults, tactical action and covert ops to tease your brains and get your trigger fingers itching.

If you can’t quite manage to get hold of a next generation console for release of the game, no worries! It will be available for both next-generation and for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes will be available sometime in Spring of 2014.

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