What has left some gamers baffled is the fact that Microsoft did not release the upcoming Halo title for the Xbox One, at the consoles launch,  something which would made gamers of the Microsoft variety be more enthusiastic to buy the console.

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer explains why in this statement he issued to Kotaku “A couple of years ago we had the discussion of: ‘Should we do Halo at launch and not do Halo 4 last year?'” Hinting that Halo 4 would have been a next gen title. That would explain why Halo 4, in my opinion, had graphics which look next gen, considering the console it’s running on.

He went on to say “But I was committed to getting Halo 4 done last year, and there was no way we were going to turn around with 343 a full Halo game in a year. So that was the plan we set on. I feel good about that.” According to Microsoft, in order to make a new Halo game for the Xbox One they said they would of had to start the development back in 2010 when the fantastic prequel Halo Reach was released and at that point Bungie was handing it over to 343.

Spencer went to discuss further more about the choice of not release Halo 4 “A discussion around having a Halo game at launch, a true Halo at launch, meaning like a Halo 4 or 5-size game, would have been something we’d have had to start two or three years ago. We had the discussion, and we thought having Halo 4 come out when it came out from 343 and having them really land their first full version of Halo that they developed internally would be great for the 360 customers, great for 343 in shipping something.”

So what are your thoughts on the matter? Are annoyed that Halo didn’t make the launch Roster or are you willing to wait for a true next gen Halo experience? Let me know in the comments below.

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