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It’s that time of the month again, My Monthly Favourite Apps, sharing is caring and I’ve got three more apps for you to feast your eyes on.. this month my thumbs have been enjoying:

bitter sam1) Bitter Sam

Bitter Sam is a grumpy little fella hanging on a thread and it’s your job to guide him through 100 worlds of sharp pointy things by tilting your device. It’s nice and simple and the controls are responsive enough that you don’t throw your phone on the floor in a fit of rage, oh, and you use pigs as battering rams because, why not?

Cheer up Sam, I’m saving your life over, and over again jeez!

Bitter Sam is available on iOS and Android and won’t cost you a penny.

pet rescue saga2) Pet Rescue Saga

Mmhmm yeah I fell into another King trap and I can’t get many blocks to many cute pets to save. It’s pretty similar to King’s other big hitter, Candy Crush Saga, but instead of matching up bricks to destroy them it’s simply a click/tap to destroy if you have two of the same colour next to each other. It’s taxing because each level presents multiple challenges – clear a set percentage of blocks, save X amount of pets AND reach a target score.

Pet Rescue Saga is available on Android, iOS and of course Facebook and is free!

dead yourself3) The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself

Mr n3 and I spent a mere month watching every season of AMC’s The Walking Dead until we were caught up with the current episodes airing in the US, I’m completely obsessed and no, I haven’t read the graphic novels but it’s okay to enjoy a TV show without being balls deep in it’s origins okay? good! Dead Yourself is one of those snap/upload a picture and do silly stuff with apps, make yourself, friends, and family look like a zombie from the show and check out the gallery to see what other fans have created. You can choose from various zombie eyes, mouths, and various props for the true Walker/Biter/Geek experience!

The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself is available on Android and iOS and is completely free.

So that’s three awesome apps that won’t cost you a single penny so you have no excuse not to download them, unless of course you have commitments, work, better things to do ect.

Let me know in the comments what apps I should check out next month, the more festive the better!

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