As our games consoles seem to be moving away slightly from having video games at it’s core focus it’s had me thinking of ways to merge the two, for some reason I can’t get away from movies as video games or even video games as movies, so here are a few movies I think should be made into video games, and some video games I think should be made into movies.

With the recent release of Blinkbox on Playstation 3 I thought about how consoles are starting to steer away from gaming as their core focus. The Xbox One has been coined the all-in-one entertainment system and as much as some gamers hate to admit, their PlayStation 3’s became more of a movie/entertainment hub than a games console.

Because of this I began to think about which movies would make fantastic video games as well as which games would make fantastic movies. I’m going to try and steer away from the norm so bear with me, and expect Spoilers.

Movies/TV Shows as Video Games

This is the End – This would probably make the most hilarious video game featuring an all-star-cast of misfits. More specifically however I’d focus this game on Danny McBride after he was forcefully removed from James Franco’s house.

Assuming you’ve seen the movie (if you haven’t why not?) after McBride was kicked out of Franco’s we meet him again later as the leader of a cannibalistic group of savages with Channing Tatum as his gimp pet – yep, that actually happened.. An interesting spin-off video game could focus on how McBride came to be the leader of such group and perhaps follow a story of redemption which sees McBride also getting taken into heaven at the end?

Breaking Bad – I guess I was lying when I said I’d be breaking away from the norm. This is probably the most requested, parodied, and thought about TV Show/Gaming crossover of all time.

Imagine a game which follows the story of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman on their journey to becoming meth cooking kingpins? The genre here would probably be a third person shooter maybe? Perhaps Rockstar could take the lead and add a splash of Grand Theft Auto into the mix, I mean, it’s practically the same thing right?

What about if we look at it a little differently, could you see a Breaking Bad RPG or even an RTS/Time management game?

Monsters University – Monsters University: The Video Game would be amazing. A four player co-operative game where you play as either Don, Squishy, Art, or Terri & Terry fighting for Oozma Kappa in the Scare Games. Players will be faced with a series of challenges along side Mike and Sully as they compete in the Scare Games in order to win a place in Scaring 101 and become legendary Scarers!

Games as Movies/TV Shows

The Last of Us – Come on now, this would make an epic movie. Watch in suspense as the outbreak threatens the life of Joel and his daughter Sarah, cry as you witness Sarah die in Joel’s arms, smile as you watch Joel and Ellies relationship grow, and hold your breath as the two sneak past the Infected.

Coming Summer 2018 in 3D, The Last of Us: Fight for Survival (not really coming out).

Grand Theft Auto – Much like how Breaking Bad would work well in the style of Grand Theft Auto, imagine it turned around. Following the story of an unlikely trio, watch as Franklin, Trevor, and Michael just keep falling into trouble. The TV Show would follow the gang as a whole rather than individually with the occasional episode dedicated to each character, each season could build up to one big job with each season ending on a massive “will they, won’t they” cliffhanger.

Season One of Grand Theft Auto coming Spring 2016 on AMC (again, it’s not really).

Scribblenauts: The Movie – Think of this more as a tale of a kid who finds a magic notebook. Sam is just an ordinary kid enjoying the summer before going to high school when one day it all changes. Left to him by his grandfather Sam discovers that his new notebook is more than just an ordinary jotter, whenever he writes in the book things appear from out of nowhere!

This sort of feel good movie isn’t without it’s lessons though, Sam becomes selfish and begins to fill the notebook with everything he can imagine only to realise that a kid that has everything, really has nothing. You get the jist. Filled with a plethora of emotions, Scribblenauts would make a brilliant fun for all the family movie.

Coming Soon in IMAX 3D Winter 2020. (nope, still not real).

So there you have it, that’s my choice of video games as movies/TV Shows and vice versa, have you got a game you’d like to see as a movie or even a movie you’d like to see as a game? Leave a comment below!

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