With a few next-generation racing titles boasting superior physics, intricate engines and the most licences on offer, Gran Turismo 6 is looking to shunt them all into the railings and drive off in a trail of dust.

With 15 years of developing the ‘Real Driving Simulator’, Polyphony Digital have a vast knowledge of the genre. From cars and dynamics to tracks and physics, this passionate team of developers have always got their finger on the pulse. Just looking at the gleam of the cars, the scenery as it rolls past while you accelerate at 80mph around one of the multitude of tracks and the limitless options, a great love of motorsport has been poured into the legendary series’ new model.

I know that I need to fill in the content with a few words but all that really would suffice is, ‘1200+ vehicles’… That’s a super shopping mall multi-story carpark full of different automobiles to tinker with, test and race against your friends. There’s also more to choose from for setting up races online, mucking about under the hood of your favourite cars and even using your mobile device to plot out new tracks in the course maker.

The GPS logger will mark your route down as you drive your real car in the real world and when you get home, you can upload the information straight to your PS3 rendering the route valid as a track. Nipping down to ASDA for nappies will never have been such a worthwhile trip.

Watch the video and see how sleek everything still looks on a ‘last generation’ console. It puts some of the new breed to shame with nearly eight year old hardware and full to capacity with content.

Gran Turismo 6 will be released exclusively on PS3 on the 6th of December, worldwide.


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