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Following our report about the rather… unnerving first look at the new in-development Pokemon title less than two weeks ago, it may surprise a majority of you to hear that the latest on-going 3DS project being developed for the franchise will be listed as a “detective-adventure”, starring poster-Pokemon, Pikachu.

Featured in an episode of documentary television show “The Professionals” which focused on the public figure and career of Tsunekaz Ishihara, CEO of The Pokemon Company; two game demos were shown, one of them detailed as an “early development build of a future detective-adventure game as part of the Pokemon franchise”.

The first demo was an early edition of a successor to 2005 Nintendo DS puzzle game, Pokemon Trozei. Also reported previously, a clip from Japanese broadcast company NHK showed developers of the working title discussing the game’s potential to be released digitally, although no other information was shared.

Pokemon Detective 3DS Game

The second demo offered further detail on the Pikachu-centered teaser NHK brought us earlier this month. In this game, players side with the fabled Pikachu to solve crimes, mysteries and to tackle a rare, evil reprise of the creature. One of the boldest features of the game revolves around the concept of facial recognition and motion capture, which will be used to control a blue Pikachu that talks to the player.

The Pokemon Company has also stated that the project will span a development cycle of up to two years, and is scheduled for release in 2015 with the production beginning earlier this summer.

We’ll bring you more information as it hits the livewire, but until then I can’t say my confidence in the design of this… quite unusual game is exactly concrete. Perhaps the team behind the franchise is hoping to recollect Pokemon’s “youth” of spin-offs and mini-games, though with the new crowd of gamers introducing themselves to the series, we can’t be sure of how well the working title will be received.

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