If you don’t know by now the indie hit, Towerfall, is making it’s way onto PlayStation 4 and PC following the games success on the OUYA, the Android based mini-console. That news alone was pleasing for some, but it turns out the PS4 and PC versions won’t be coming with online multiplayer.

With next generation hardware in the PS4 and the power behind most gaming PC’s we all expected the upcoming version of Towerfall to contain some form of online multiplayer, but it has since been confirmed by creator Matt Thorson that the title will be sticking with local co-operative and a PVP multiplayer for up to four people, you better go and grab some more DualShock 4’s then..

It’s not all bad news, Towerfall will come with “substantially more” single player content, a full co-operative campaign, and of course the 4v4 multiplayer.

Towerfall will be coming to PlayStation 4 and PC in early 2014.

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