Introversion Software’s Prison Architect is still very much in Alpha, but that hasn’t stopped people emptying the virtual shelves and throwing their cash at the company for what appears to be the best prison simulation game, ever.

There’s always a fine line when selling a game that’s unfinished, just look at how Dark Matter went down, the difference here however is that Introversion Software have been honest from the start about the game, sure, it’s unfinished, but if you want to play the game early, go ahead and buy it, if you don’t then… well… don’t.

The company have recently revealed  however that things are going well with the game. They’ve hit over 250,000 players which in turn has resulted in $8,000,000 of revenue. Considering that’s for a game that’s not even complete, I can only imagine good things for Prison Architect’s future.

Well done guys!

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