Proteus was originally released for the PC early this year and has now come to PlayStation 3 and Vita. First off I wouldn’t exactly call this a game but more of an experience, but that doesn’t stop the fact that this is a great experience, but that you must see it to believe it.

Proteus Screen

This game is beautiful, with the charming pixelated look similar to Minecraft’s visual presentation which some would think that it doesn’t look good at all, but it has a decent draw distance to boot with it’s expansive landscapes filled with forests, wildlife and structures. You are merely a passive existence in Proteus there are no objectives, quests or enemies in this game you just walk through the environment and watch everything unfold its beauty.

The only time that you know you are truly there is when you try to approach wildlife and they will runaway from you. It is always different every time because the worlds are randomly generated each time you visit vast world with new landscapes and structures.

Instead of controlling your movements with a mouse and keyboard you’ll be obviously be using a controller but to be honest the movement is not that much different to it’s PC counter part except on the PC you able to turn quickly compared to the sluggish controller, but the controls aren’t what this game is about as all you’re going to be using is the right analogue stick and circle for when you want to leave this vibrant land.


The sound design is exquisite it has a fantastic calm ambient feel to it and it changes every time you change environments or even the subtle movements of a frog hopping away it really takes you out of the fast and hectic reality we all live in and calm us down.

Proteus is a wonderful and beautiful experience and is worth while to give it try to get away from the fast pace releases from the triple A games such as Assassin’s Creed IV and GTA V it is a great way to relax and make you produce emotions that you may have not experienced in a game.

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