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With the release of its flagship PS4 console in under a month Sony have placed an absolutely massive guide to the upcoming title, titled ‘the ultimate FAQ’, answering common questions and clarifying some of the features of the next gen console.

The guide covers a lot of what will be included with the console, including things like game sharing and what sort of gamers can expect to see on the console from launch day, but Destructoid have fine combed the FAQ and found that certain areas in which the PS4 will be lacking has also made it into the extensive FAQ.

These features that have not made the jump from PS3 to its soon-to-be big brother may surprise some gamers, as they seem to be pretty standard inclusions to games consoles these days.

The features that have stood at as especially lacking from the PS4 is lack of support for mp3, no DLNA streaming compatibility, no support for external hard drives and no audio CD playback.

A lot of the pre-game talk has been of PS4 being more of a gaming machine while the Xbox One will position itself as an entertainment hub, indeed the Xbox One will support most of the feature the PS4 won’t (minus the external hard drive compatibility), but it seems like a strange move from Sony to scrap these basic media compatibilities.

The lack of DLNA streaming will stop users from being able to stream media from their PCs to their games console and the lack of mp3 support will render a whole load of music libraries completely incompatible with the PS4.

Sony’s mammoth FAQ also states that users will not be able to share the game footage they record through the Share button on DUALSHOCK 4 controller directly to Youtube, which is a surprise considering the huge views gaming videos can receive on the site.

This FAQ is not a confirmation of final features and apparently the guide will be updated continually, even after the PS4 has been launched, and it will be a huge surprise if Sony continue with these policies, the mp3 part of the FAQ has already received a sidenote stating ‘We appreciate your feedback and are exploring possibilities’ which suggests they may be considering to add mp3 support before launch.

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