Capcom have released updated sales figures for their franchises, which place Resident Evil 5 as the biggest selling game of their history.

The fifth instalment of the popular zombie shooter sold 6.5million copies, which means it just beat Street Fighter II to the top spot, with the iconic beat ’em up shifting 6.3 million copies.

Capcom’s Moster Hunter series also seems to be a big hit with gamers, with three of the titles of that series featuring in the top ten.

Here is a rundown of Japanese developers top seller, as of September 30.

Capcom top sellers

It may come as a surprise to some that critically acclaimed Resident Evil 4 is so low down on the list, lagging behind its two successors despite being one of the highest rated game of the entire series.

This may be explained by the fact that Capcom split the figures for Resident Evil 4 and the two RE4 titles that were released on Wii and Gamecube, when the figures for these two titles were added to that of Resident Evil 4 the sales figures jumped to 5.8 million.

When looking at series as a whole it is somewhat unsurprising that Resident Evil ranked first with 60million sales, Street Fighter was second with 35 million sales and retro classic Mega Man was third with 30 million sales.

I don’t think it’ll just be me that is surprised by the fact that Resident Evil 6 is classed as the third highest selling Capcom game of all time, are there any other entries here that surprised you?

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