This week’s group of tear-inducing, depression celebrating songs come from none other than the excellent, Radiohead.

The Oxfordshire band, who took the early 90’s by storm and brought us music to listen to while we bemoaned our miserable lives, have got an excellent lineup for your DLC needs.

Five new tracks can be downloaded via the Rocksmith Store on your gaming platform of choice, ready to rock out some finger murdering, barre chord based tunes and melodious yet melancholy riffage.

Selected tracks for the pack are:

  • Creep
  • Just
  • Karma Police
  • My Iron Lung
  • Optimistic

That’s plenty to keep you going until next week’s installment of talented rocksters appear. Until then, hide the razor blades and sleeping tablets while you strum along to the sorrow ridden inventiveness of Thom Yorke’s gifted but gloomy band.

You can purchase the pack for $11.99 or for $2.99 per song. You can also have a look at the content in the trailer above.

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