I’m sure most of you remember the trailer we had for the game Ryse: Son of Rome, The third person Roman action adventure game filled with quick time events, you remember that right? Well for those that DID like it and are looking forward to it I have some good news for you. Ryse: Son of Rome is going to be made into a live action series.

The live action series is going to split into four parts and the story will be told through Marius Titus, the main character of Ryse. According to an advertisement for The Fall it has been stated Ryse: Son of Rome will be classified with a Mature rating from the Entertainment Software Rating Board. This is due to the show containing Blood and gore, sexual content, partial nudity and intense violence, just like any other Roman Television series.

Ryse: Son of Rome will be aired on Machinima on Novemeber 5th. So get your popcorn ready people.

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