‘Big savings’ could reportedly soon be ours to enjoy on future multiplayer content for Xbox One launch title Ryse: Son of Rome. Microsoft studios announced today that there will be an entire season of multiplayer releases, following the successful (if divisive) strategy which is employed by the Call of Duty series. Four add-on packs will be released in total, containing 14 multiplayer maps, a brand new mode (of some description), new level events, new player skins and an extra tier of weapons and armour.

Purchasing the season pass will result in a saving of 25% as well as an exclusive in-game sword and shield with ‘bonus attributes’ for use in multiplayer.

Will you be buying Ryse: Son of Rome? Do you think the fact that developers release games at full price and then charge us for countless add-ons is unfair? Let us know, as ever, in the box below.

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