Here at n3rdabl3 myself and Ollie seem to struggle with one thing, making videos, for about a year now we’ve been toying with ideas and creating content only to find that audio didn’t record, the video file was corrupt, or the video was just terrible. Surprisingly we’ve had a fantastic run so far with our From Rags to Riches: A n3rdabl3 Story series but alas, we’ve hit problems!

As you may have noticed in our previous video Ollie’s audio was a little quiet, well looking back on the videos we recorded a week or so ago, the audio was worse, it seems that the video gremlins came in during the night and fiddled with some of the settings and broke things which means this weeks video wasn’t usable.

Be sure to come back next week where we zoom to the future. We’ve both got fancy cars, we’ve both got a home to live in and we’ve also unlocked the Survival missions so look out for that one! For those expecting a video today, we apologise!

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