We’ve been covering Soul Calibur 2’s immense overhaul here on n3rdabl3 for a few weeks now, showcasing some of the gameplay and updated HD loveliness. Finally, we can stop taunting you and let you know when you can slice your way through Yoshimitsu, Mitsurugi and friends on their 10th Anniversary to grab the butt-ugly prize of the Soul Edge. I promise not to add any jokes about one-eyed swords here or at least, I won’t snigger… much.

Anyway! The newly polished game offers all the characters of the original, adding both of the console specific special fighters in one neat package, except Link of course. His mum must have been scared he’d get a black eye. Glory in the stompy, angry, baldness of Heihachi from Tekken. Marvel at the necroplasm clad assassin, Spawn and gape in awe at how Ivy’s boobs were a lot less jiggly on earlier generations of our favourite, weapon based fighting game.

Sexism aside, Project Soul have put some hard work in to bring SC2 to you in full HD. All the locations, fighters and weapons have been given a once over with the whetstone and it shows in the footage we’ve seen so far. All the marvellous modes are present and ready for a good old kicking and you can take part in it all with your online friends and rivals. For all the trophy and achievement hunters out there, you’ll be glad to hear that you can covet more precious, virtual shinies too.

While you wait for the game, you can check out the new video above for some Maxi on Mitsurugi action.

Namco Bandai have set the release date for November the 20th 2013, when you can challenge your friends to a duel, sadly from the comfort of your armchair and not by slapping them sharply in the face with a glove.

Soul Calibur will be available for purchase on the Playstation Store at £14.99 and on Xbox Live at £13.49.

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