Popular puzzler platform Stealth Inc. is set to make its iOS debut this coming week, with Curve Studio’s fast-paced title set for a release on Apple devices this Tursday (14th November).

The release onto iOS devices follows Stealth Inc. being released on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita to a favourable reception, as the PlayStation title was awarded the 2013 TIGA award for best Action/Adventure title.

Stealth Inc. follows the trials and tribulations of a clone trying to escape a facility that has been designed with a simple sole purpose, to destroy the clone before it can slip past the various security systems.

In a unique gameplay mechanic the player must lead the clone to the safety of freedom without the use of guns or armour, as the name suggests this game revolves around the player utilising stealth and skill to allude the swift and violent death that occurs when a player is spotted.

The iOS version of Curve’s award winning platformer will include all of the 80 original levels and will feature the soundtrack that accompanied the PlayStation version of the title.

Curve claim that these 80 levels will result in a main campaign that will boast ten hours of gameplay. Once this has been completed 1,800 community created levels will be available through a one off in-app purchase.

Stealth Inc. began life as ‘Stealth Bastard’, a freeware piece of PC software, back in 2012 and has since been developed and extended to incorporate the aforementioned releases on Sony devices and now a release onto recent Apple devices, those with original iPads or an iPhone older than the 4S will be missing out on this one.

The game has been reworked from older versions to work on smaller devices and to incorporate a new touchscreen control system.

In a press release Curve Studios Design Director, Jonathan ‘Bidds’ Biddle, said:

“We’ve been talking about bringing Stealth to iOS ever since we released the PC version back in 2012… What we didn’t want to do is rush to release it just for the sake of it having it out there, so we’ve spent a lot of time tweaking the controls and making sure the game plays well and looks beautiful on a smaller screen.”

Stealth Inc. will be available as a premium download from the App Store on Thursday 14th November.

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