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Valve has opened up beta registrations for Steam’s in-home streaming the company announced today, signing up is simple, all you need to do is head to the Steam In-Home Streaming Steam Group and join!

Steam’s in-home streaming is one of the many steps Valve is taking to bring PC gaming into the living room. The in-home streaming allows players to stream games to another machine in the house, even ones less powerful than their main gaming machine including those running Valve’s SteamOS.

The closed beta is set to begin within the next two months, hopefully before the year ends.

Late September Valve announced the SteamOS, a linux based operating system optimised for controllers which predominantly focuses on Steam’s Big Picture mode. The company also announced  the Steam Machine and the Steam Controller which you can enter to score one of 300 prototypes to test before the official release.

To enter the Steam In-Home Streaming Beta, head to the Steam Group here.

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