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With Valve’s gaming entertainment systems on their way to your living rooms in the coming year, what better way to test them out than sending 300 lucky Beta testers some Steam Machine love. Good news for a Spartan-sized squad of gamers then.

Randomly selected users will be sent a prototype model of the new Linux-compatible machine with 4A Games’ Metro: Last Light, a horror themed FPS inspired by the novels of Dmitry Glukhovsky.

The Steam Machine will have roughly 200 games on the SteamOS platform at launch, with the list being updated as the popularity of the gaming system pushes itself into it’s righteous place among the current brand warfare that’s surely to follow with next gen on it’s way. I understand that PC’s are already in next-gen, before I attract the ‘master race’ to the comment section.

Before the news storm, there were rumours of Half Life 3 and possibly Left 4 Dead 3, but now, computer gamers seem content to have a rival on the market to the main household giants. If the pricing is competitive and can deliver a penny-saving PC powered experience to the sofa without all the wires and huge cases involved, with the recent news of the Steam Controller and it’s futuristic touch sensitive, programmable style, then Valve are at the centre of innovation and drawing the baying crowd closer for a new gaming golden age.

Metro: Last Light is undoubtedly a bonus for those who recieve the prototypes and with it’s release only last week on Linux, it’s good to go for the Beta testing.



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