So if you managed to get past the headline without furiously raging: “Why does Superman need a utility belt…waaaah this is worse then Superman 3!” Then I’d like to take this moment to congratulate you on your level of endurance.

So I was thinking, a rare event, I know, but what would Superman have in a utility belt? Akin to Batman’s and even to Spider-man (who had the Spider-signal in his). Let’s be honest, Superman isn’t perfect and he may need a couple of extensions to maintain that heroic reputation.

So here’s a few ideas I had lined up:

A defensive force field or lead lined suit to protect Kryptonite – So Kryptonite is one of the few weaknesses he posseses. So maybe the utility belt should be focused around protecting Superman against his Achilles Heel? So if such technology exists in the DC universe and exists in his Fortress of Solitude which is brimming with advanced alien technology, could a portable force field protect him from the radiation produced from Kryptonite?

Or if that’s a little to high tech how some kind of function which covers him in a lead suit, a material which is immune to Superman’s x-ray and Kryptonite’s radiation can’t see through. While were at we could add a function that could help protect against red sun radiation, another weakness of the Man of Steel?

A mystical device which can summon magic negating armour – Another Superman weakness is magic. Though this story happened pre New 52 I think this might help.

In a Superman story arc the Man of Steel was flung through time back to the Dark Ages and to battle the evil sorceress Morganna Le Fey, the good magician Merlin gave Superman enchanted armour. Surely that could come in handy right?

A Phantom Zone portal – Superman has always had an issue of letting the bad guys slipping away while Superman has to save a bus full of screaming school children. What about a portal device which could briefly store said villains in the Phantom Zone, a Kryptonian prison?

Got any other ideas? Why drop a comment below!

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Jediael Onesimus Theophilus Ed

I would just like to add, I think it would be a Hella good idea if had the few different kinds of kryptonite that would help him, be encased in his utility belt since they say it's lead lined. Can Red Kryptonite counter the effects of Green Kryptonite? Can Blue Kryptonite counter the effects of The Red Sun? What would happen if Doomsday was hit with Black Kryptonite? (I considered these kryptonites' because of their effects in Smallville not how they were originally intended) I'm down for him having a phantom zone key in that belt of his. In the… Read more »


To answer your colour Kryptonite questions:
Not to sure
If this was the Smallville version. I think it splits them apart