Finally, Playstation Vita owners can now get into the dirt digging, battlement building fun alongside their big brother console this Winter… Terraria is on it’s way soon.

The sandbox RPG has been pleasing block builders for almost two and a half years on PC, while recently getting a release on home consoles. Amassing a huge troupe of players determined to tunnel their way into the secrets that are hidden in the depths of the Underworld, climbing high into the sky in the search for floating islands with mysterious bounty and crafting a bad-ass set of armour and weaponry to take out the increasingly tough world bosses.

Terraria should translate brilliantly for small screens and Vita owners are in for a treat, with plenty of time to take part in the Christmas holiday event that happens every year and gives up some very seasonal loot indeed.

With the game hitting multiple platforms, maybe consoles won’t have to wait as long for a version of Terraria 2, which ‘Redigit’, Andrew Spinks is working on at this very minute… Well, possibly.

With no actual date as of yet, all we can do is update you when the time draws closer for your handheld port of Terraria.


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