Earlier this week we reported that UK supermarket chain ASDA were getting in a handful of extra stock in a bunch of stores across the UK, now it seems Tesco too have ordered a bunch of extra stock too!

Tonight at Midnight, or Tomorrow morning depending on how you look at it, the PlayStation 4 launches across Europe. For those of you who were waiting until now to grab your console luck is certainly on your side as both ASDA and now Tesco will be getting extra stock for the launch.

The news that Tesco will be stocking a few extra consoles comes from MCV who say “The firm says that 150 of its Tesco Extra stores have extra stock of the console, which means quick gamers can pick one up at midnight tonight. It’s available on a first-come, first-served basis.”

If you’re looking to see if a store near you has a few extra PlayStation 4 consoles Tesco have set up a store checker specifically for the PlayStation 4 launch which you can find here.

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