In 1998 gaming outlook on gaming changed forever, they weren’t just looked upon as just a time burner, they were perceived as art with cinematic values, much like a movie. Metal Gear Solid changed how games were made buy telling stories with a serious cinematic edge with legit credits and voice actors although at the time Kojima made up the names of the actors in the original version of the game because he did not know if it was supportted by the screen actor’s guild.

In 2004 Kojima produced a complete remaster of the first Metal Gear Solid by giving the graphics a completely new coat of paint with the MGS 2 engine and it was a great remaster for the Nintendo Gamecube. This is an example of a remaster and how it should be done because they made everything look next-gen (for the time) and re-recorded the voice acting to improve the context  of the cutscenes. This game was not developed by Kojima Productions directly it was handed over to Silicon Knights who developed the fantastically mind bending game Eternal Darkness.

MGS foxhound

So lets start with a basic outline with the story if you didn’t know already. You play as a veteran soldier code named “Solid Snake” who has been pulled out of retirement to take down a terrorist group. The terrorist group in question is his former unit, Foxhound with very unique operatives. You have Psychomantis the master of psychic abilities, Decoy Octopus master of disguise, Sniper Wolf a deadly female sniper, Vulcan Raven a Native American Shaman, Revolver Ocelot the best gunslinger in the unit and Liquid Snake the genetic brother of Solid Snake.

So what differs the gameplay from the original? Well quite a bit, they took elements from Metal Gear Solid 2 and the first aspect that you’ll notice from the start that they have used the AI from MGS 2 which makes them super hard, especially in alert phase because they’ll call for back up and send in strike teams with riot shields and these situations can get tense. When you knock guards out HQ will send a team in to sweep and look for the whereas in the original they would just lie there unconscious until they wake up, like nothing happened.

Twin Snakes Gameplay

The stealth elements from MGS 2 were integrated into this remaster such as being able to move bodies and hide them in lockers to avoid making guards suspicious. You can now aim in first person so you can hit weak spots such as the head or take out security cameras if you don’t have any Chaff grenades, a tranquillizer weapon was also introduced so you can perform no lethal takedowns on guards and bosses so you have a better outcome on your stats at the end of the game.

It’s even the subtle changes to snakes movements such as being able to walk over metal surfaces that make more noise than usual or when you fight Psychomantis he’ll read all the Nintendo games that you’ve played rather than Konami games.

Metal Gear Solid Psyco

Metal Gear Solid is a fantastic way if you want to experience the classic that started it all with update visuals the only problem of getting hold of a copy is that you have to shed a lot of money due to the limited amount of copies that were publish due to the poor sales of the GameCube, but is worth it if you want to get ready for Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeros in the spring of 2014. This is how a HD remaster should done along with the remake of the original Resident Evil this is one of the best remasters that I have played, but it’s shame it’s so expensive to acquire these days.

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