Minecraft, is a lot like American ‘rapper’ Macklemore, in that both are massively popular despite being, essentially, terrible. Minecraft is something that I as a gamer and a sentient human being have never understood. Dozens of people have tried explaining it to me, many of them people who I like and respect and at the end of their explanations what I’ve usually gathered is that you create heinously ugly computerized Lego houses and then compare them to your friends ugly Lego houses, presumably to see who’s wasted the most time creating ugly Lego houses.

Well now, if this is the sort of thing that takes your fancy, you can stream yourself building your ugly Lego houses on Twitch which you might want to do because,I don’t know, your life is an extended definition for the word ‘mediocrity’ and you don’t have access to real video games, or books, or people.

Mojang have recently announced that they’ve paired up with Twitch to integrate streaming seamlessly into their online Lego House simulator, meaning that all of the friends you don’t have can watch you building your (have I mentioned this bit?) heinously ugly Lego monstrosity house. Huzzah. Read the official Minecon statement from Twitch marketing VP Matthew DiPietro, as well as leaving defensive comments about how I just don’t understand the beauty of Minecraft, below.

“Minecraft has struck a very powerful chord with the Twitch community. It’s constantly escalating popularity illustrates that people love to watch video games outside of the headline grabbing eSports titles. Expect a watershed moment for both players and spectators once the ability to easily broadcast gameplay directly to Twitch goes live.” Streaming, by the way, will be added “soon”.

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One of the best things about Minecraft is that it has a very strong young userbase. I’m not sure if Mojang thought their game would be so popular with the youngsters, but they are probably pretty glad that it is – but what has become apparent is that Minecraft can be approached both as a game AND as a tool for learning. Later in the ‘game’, once you’ve mined certain resources you can create simple electrical systems, with more materials you can create more complex machinery, some people have even built computers within Minecraft. Keyboards… displays… and a new mod… Read more »