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This really isn’t a joke; in some alternate universe the guys behind Twitter didn’t settle on the name “Twitter” but instead went for “FriendStalker” or even worse “Smssy” – how do you even say that? ‘Smissy’, ‘Smussy’, Smusssssy’, I don’t know. But either way, I’m glad I’m around in this universe and Twitter is called Twitter.

I suppose you’re also wondering what the hell I’m talking about, well according to Nick Bilton, during research he was conducting for his book “Hatching Twitter” he came across some internal emails which “showed the early logo explorations of the company”. Bilton went on to discover a couple of name ideas too that the company was throwing around, “Twitch,” “Friendstalker” and “Smssy” to name a few.

He also uncovered some designs for the above names as well as the Twitter logo before finally settling on what we know and love today. To begin though, the company followed a similar route to Tumblr and went by the name twttr for a short while before becoming Twitter. There’s even a logo which was used for that short time too which looked like snot.



According to Bilton’s blog this design was created by Noah Glass the “forgotten co-founder of Twitter”. Along with the snotty logo he also tried to justify the design:

“This logo is engaging and visceral. It feels like something. It compels the viewer to feel,” Noah wrote. “The current iteration of our product is about feeling. Not about us feeling, but about our users feeling. I believe that this logo does exactly what we want it to do.” He also noted that the logo inspired “youthfulness, because old is boring…..and nothing is worse than boring.”

I’m glad they finally settled on Twitter though, I couldn’t imagine saying “Hey! what’s your FriendStalker name? I’ll stalk you” or “my last Smss recieved 32 re-smss’s”..

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