Have you ever thrown away an old hard drive only to later realise it was filled with a bunch of family photos or some important information? One resident from the UK has done just that, but the contents of this hard drive is worth more than just family photos, it contains 7,500 Bitcoin which is now worth around $7.5 million.

James Howell acquired the roughly 7,500 Bitcoin back when the virtual currency was valued at very little, so when he threw away the – what he thought was worthless – hard drive away after a spillage destroyed the computer that it was housed in, he had no idea that Bitcoin was worth almost $1,000 per coin and that he’d just made the biggest mistake of his life.

Howell is currently attempting to recover the hard drive from his local landfill site in Wales but has been told by the manager that his HDD “could be three to five feet deep” in a site around the size of a football field. Howell has since said that he doesn’t have the means to dig into the hazardous waste for the drive “without a definite pay check at the end of it”.

Let this be a warning to those of you planning to throw your old computing equipment away, always make sure you back up anything important or you’ll end up wading through heaps of shit like poor old James Howell.



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