Everyone’s favourite, Lara Croft beating adventurer returns to next gen, with a trailer dedicated to puzzling fans with a penchant for pirates.

Everybody knew it was coming and everybody knew it would involve more globetrotting, cypher-solving, pirate murdering action. What we didn’t expect, was to be trying to garner as much information on the game through Naughty Dog’s new video.

By doing what Nathan Drake does best, there seems to be a ton of Indiana Jones style riddles involved in the one minute, twelve second announcement, that gamers can try their hand at decrypting.

We can see that the game may take place in Africa, the video showing a flyover from the Cape of Good Hope and up the coastline to Madagascar where Saint Mary’s Island is marked with a cross. The brooding, vengeance-fueled voice speaks of deceit and betrayal, giving rise to the possible new antagonist in the series.

There’s also some cleverly hidden items on the map if you pay close attention. A pigpen cypher appears just under Mt. Calico on the map. There’s bible references in Latin on the skull next to the destination point and a host of other clues to boggle your mind.

Whatever it all means, there’s a lot pointing towards an adventure involving pirate history so far. Not Drake’s usual modern pirates either…

St. Mary’s Island or Ile Sainte-Marie as it’s more commonly known, was a haven for 17th and 18th century pirates. A lot of the better known scoundrels lived on an island in the proximity, called Ile aux Forbans (The isle of pirates). From Henry Every to Captain Kidd, some called this area of the globe home due to it’s calm waters and many bays to drop anchor in.

Seeing the trend in pirate games in the past couple of years, that’s no surprise. However, Uncharted tends to keep the mythology firmly rooted in the historical and supernatural and this is perfect source material for a Drake game.

Have a look at the video above and try and figure out the intricacies of the information provided. If you spot anything, comments are always welcome.

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