Thinking caps on people; you’ll need it to navigate your way through the ultimate adventure ever made. Telltale Games has unleashed it’s Game of the Year Edition version of multiple award winning point and click game, The Walking Dead.

The emotional, terrifying and sometimes tragic story of Clementine and Lee is played through a five part series. You can find the whole set including the more recent 400 Days, that was released in order to link season one to the forthcoming season two.

There’s very few games that can make you feel for characters in games as much as The Walking Dead does. To the extent where you care about most of the cast and try so hard to keep everyone happy and alive. This is where the game excels and the reason why it picked up so many awards. Its also the reason why you can pick it up for $29.99 in it’s entirety for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

With season two on it’s way closer to the end of the year, better grab a copy now and get used to failure, loss, unsteady companionship and a horde of grey, undead brain consumers trying to make you their lunch.


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