Warframe has been one of the most successful co-operative free-to-play titles of the past year and it’s making it’s way to a PS4 near you soon.

This new trailer adds a little story to the often dizzying action seen in the game and showcases a number of abilities, weapons and the individual warframes you can possess. Shady profiteer, Alad V displays the power of his new toy to the space ninjas in a cyclone of deadly force, an effort to prove that they can be taken down a peg or two… Or can they?

Warframe appeared on PC earlier this year and took off as a highly playable, third person action game. Gathering a team of four players, you travel the galaxy as a Tenno, mighty warriors reborn to fight the uprising of military factions of human and alien descent.

There are a ten mission modes to choose from, including Survival, where you fend of a horde of uglies while maintaining your oxygen levels through pick-ups. Assassination drops you in a hunt for a boss, taking him down by combining your co-op powers and escaping the scene. Sabotage will present you with the objective of ‘blowing shit up’. There’s plenty to do and see in the randomly generated maps with three different factions of cannon fodder to mercilessly slaughter.

You can customise the appearance of your Tenno, from the colour of your wareframe, which weapons you wield and adding mods to your cyber-ninja suit to enhance the inbuilt abilities. Each Warframe has it’s own skill-set and choice of sharp-pointy things and ballistic blasting devices, all interchangeable through the character menu. You can buy new frames, guns, mods and upgrades from the in-game store which lets you pay in Credits that you amass through play or you can go the way of the, dread the word… Microtransaction (Enter booming thunder SFX here).

Warframe can be downloaded for the price of dirt (free) on PS4’s imminent launch in the US or on November the 29th in the UK.


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