Naughty Wiiu

In a report from NintendoLife this morning, we’ve been treated to the knowledge that Wii Karaoke U doesn’t censor any naughty words from its soundtrack. In screenshots which you can see over at NintendoLife we’re shown that lyrics along the lines of ‘I bleeped her once, I bleeped her twice, I ate that bleep like shrimp fried rice’ are readily available for your child’s viewing pleasure, only with other, far naughtier words instead of my friendly bleeping. And they say that all the romance has gone out of music these days; I’ve never bleeped a woman like any kind of rice, let alone shrimp fried.

The game, developed by Joysound, features tracks taken from their own servers and not Nintendo’s, but you might have felt safe in assuming that a company as big as Nintendo would have taken at least a cursory glance at what they were putting their stamp on before kids across the land started bleeping bitches and ‘laying cheap sluts’ whilst eating Chinese food.

A standard warning that the songs are unrated by PEGI is provided in the game’s main loading screen, but I can’t see that cursory nod towards morality offering Nintendo a great deal of sanctuary when Outraged Mothers of America or some other sexually repressed group of conservatives comes after them in the press. How long do you think it’ll be before Walmart refuses to stock the title? Leave your thoughts in the box below.

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Aaron Richardson

Kudos for the KoRn lyrics in the featured image! :D


“How long do you think it’ll be before Walmart refuses to stock the title?”

It’s too late! It’s already begun! The title will never appear on Walmart’s shelves!

Of course, that might have something to do with the fact that it’s a download-only title.