Speaking with IGN yesterday, Valve have clarified a few things surrounding exclusive titles or apps on SteamOS and their upcoming Steam Machine hardware, mostly the fact that there won’t be any.

Valve have said that they won’t be looking for exclusive partnerships for games or apps to be tied to SteamOS, which compared to the, what I’m calling ‘Exclusives Battle’ between Sony and Microsoft is a breath of fresh air.

Over the past few months since the announcement of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 we’ve heard about exclusives here and there for each console which as a consumer of these products leaves me stuck between who I’m more loyal to, do I stick with Microsoft or do I brave new waters and go to Sony?

Anyway, it seems that Valve aren’t into that, even with games like Portal 3, or Half Life 3 (both of which are examples, these aren’t confirmed from the company), they’ll be available on all platforms not just Steam Machine/SteamOS.

In a recent interview with IGN Anna Sweettold, head of business development said:

“Whenever we talk to third-party partners, we encourage them to put their games in as many places as possible, including not on our platforms,”


“Because we think that customers are everywhere, and they want to put their games wherever customers are. That would go against our whole philosophy, to launch something that’s exclusive to SteamOS or Steam machines.”

Valve designer Greg Coomer continued to say:

“you won’t see an exclusive killer app for SteamOS from us. We’re not going to be doing that kind of thing.”


“We’re hoping to unify, to get Steam to be as platform- and context-agnostic as possible. You shouldn’t have to shed that every generation, or even slightly shed it.”

Valve announced their SteamOS, Steam Machine, and vastly different Steam Controller in September, the concept of which is to offer Steam gaming in the living room. The Steam Machine isn’t tied down to just one set up either, gamers can freely tweak, upgrade, and even build their own Steam Machine offering the player complete freedom.

Along with the news that the company won’t be looking to tie down exclusives, Valve also showed off a prototype of the Steam Machine hardware which you can see below. It doesn’t look too special, it’s a box, that’s black/grey.. It looks like a VCR, let’s be honest here.. But it’s progress! Yay for progress!


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