Speed is everything  in today’s world it may seem. Over the past few weeks I’ve seen various reports on how fast something does this, or how fast something does that. Am I old fashioned in thinking that if my console starts up and plays a game then that’s good enough? Probably. Either way the latest news coming from Microsoft is that the Xbox One only takes 13 seconds to start up and sign you in. Nice.

We’ve seen Larry ‘MajorNelson’ Hryb scan a code in a matter of mere seconds on Vine, now watch the guy as he says “Xbox On” and waits awkwardly for 13 seconds as the console starts up, though staring at a black screen for around 3 seconds does begin to get a little awkward too.

The main attraction here is that the Xbox isn’t just turning on and signing the first person in, it’s actually turning on and using facial recognition to choose the right account to sign into.

If having the Kinect listen to your every words until it hears the “Xbox On” command, you can of course switch it off, but it’s pretty impressive to have such ease of access so quickly.

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