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Bart was first known as Impulse but grew up to be Kid Flash

So as you might have guessed by now I buy a lot of comics, though I’m also no longer a student and my feet have been firmly placed on the road to adult hood which means less comics, at least for now. So to make this depressing factor of growing up a little easier I set my challenge for the month of November – just a note I buy all my comics digitally – I was going to set myself a £10 budget for comics: I couldn’t purchase any graphic novels and I wasn’t allow to spend over £10.

I’ll admit it was difficult and I had to make a lot more decision making when it came to buying them. Though I’ve have a few bones to picked in general with the industry.. The first is how DC Comics have recently increased their prices for certain books, going from a reasonable £1.99 and upwards, to £2.49 and up, quite a price hike for someone on a budget – also, why is every issue part of a six part story?

I know a lot of comics have ongoing stories but the way it’s done has changed.

Instead of a long on-going story like the Green Goblin mystery in Spider-man which would dedicate maybe 2-5% of an issue to the Green Goblin story with the rest with a structured self contained story which would somehow contribute to it.

Modern stories seem to demand that if you pick part 4 of 6, you need to have read the previous three to enjoy the story completely. What happened to the one part story? Think about, you very rarely see a book produce just one self contained story, every one is building up or marking time for the next big story event (which are getting closer together now).

I’ll agree a comic should encourage me to buy past or future issues but not to demand I do it and also buy the issues from another book to understand the events of one issue.

So in conclusion. I didn’t overspend. I found myself looking at cheaper new releases and buying back issues. All in all it’s do-able but with the current price hikes some publishers aren’t making it easy to budget.

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