Fake Fallout 4 Teaser Site Cost Creator “Approximately 900$” Just to Fool Us.

“Some men just want to watch the world burn” is what the creator of thesurvivor2299 replied when asked “why did you do this?” on an AMA he held on /r/Fallout over the weekend. The creator of the fake Fallout 4 teaser site answered most of the questions he was asked on the reddit AMA including the true reason why he created the site which completely blew up.

Over the past few weeks speculation surrounding the Survivor 2299 teaser website was spectacular with people on both sides of the fences when it came to the site’s legitimacy. Sadly last week Bethesda said that they had nothing to reveal at the VGX event on Saturday and a few days later the teaser site changed to reveal that it was in fact a hoax. But why?

To put pressure on Bethesda apparently. I guess the creator just felt that he needed to give them a quick boot in the ass to get them focusing on the next Fallout title. If that’s not dedication to a franchise I don’t know what is.

During his reddit AMA, DCHoaxer (the creators reddit username), revealed that the site cost him “Approximately 900$” and that he’d created a CGI trailer to throw at us too but “But Pete Killed [his] plans.” DCHoaxer does plan to release the trailer soon, but he doesn’t “wan’t to piss off Bethesda at this time even more.”

In all honesty how can we be angry at someone dedicated enough to spend almost $1,000 on a fake website in order to show a developer that people want the next Fallout title. Probably because he Rick Rolled us..